Students and Educators:

Code of Tanks can be a fun and effective learning tool for students to practice and explore computer programming/coding, algorithms, software engineering principles and design patterns, and other areas of computer science. Because results depend on imagination and creativity, the game can serve as a sandbox for machine learning and other facets of Artificial Intelligence (AI) theory, or simply as a means to apply and demonstrate software design principles to achieve goals.

Because there is no server to set up and no maintenance to perform beyond occassional software updates, the game can be easily incorporated into a curriculum to support specific material or goals, or as an extra-curricular activity allowing students further study and exploration.

If you're an educator, you're welcome to utilize the game any way you choose to supplement educational objectives. If you're a student, you can show it to your professor or teacher if he or she might find it useful, or organize a study group of your own that incorporates the game and revolves around coursework or other interests. Participants just need to install the game and run it at the same time in order to play together.

If you're considering the game in an academic or organized setting and have questions or concerns, let us know and we'll be glad to help.